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Establishing paternity of a child is important for asserting both the rights of a father and of a child. If you have been denied custody or physical placement of a child you believe to be yours, a paternity test can establish your fatherhood and secure certain parental rights as a result. Likewise, if the father of your child refuses to pay child support, a paternity test can establish his fatherhood and responsibility to provide child support.

The Rights Of Fathers And Children

At the law office of D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP in Waukesha, our family law attorneys represent clients in paternity actions intended to assert both the rights of fathers and children in Wisconsin. Once the question of paternity is settled, our office can then assist clients in pursuing legal custody, physical placement and child support motions.

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Financial Benefits Associated With Paternity

Once paternity is established, certain financial rights come into play for the father and child. Since medical coverage, inheritance and access to benefits require a parental relationship, paternity ensures children will have access to the following:

  • Health insurance coverage under father’s plan
  • Inheritance rights
  • Rights during probate of father’s estate
  • Access to father’s medical records
  • Father’s Social Security Disability benefits or death benefits

Parental Rights And Paternity

Since fathers have certain rights under Wisconsin state law, paternity allows fathers to pursue the following in regard to their children after paternity is established:

  • Physical placement of the child
  • Legal custody of the child
  • The right to challenge the adoption of their child

Child Support And Paternity

Establishing paternity also allows a court to implement any necessary child support orders as may be appropriate. Even if the biological father is not listed on the birth certificate, once a paternity test establishes their fatherhood, they can be required to pay child support. Our child support lawyers can assist you in court proceedings to order a father to pay child support after fatherhood is established by a paternity test.

Getting The Test – What’s Involved?

A paternity test is typically ordered by the court after a request is brought forward by either the father or the mother of a child, or by the state of Wisconsin if the mother is receiving any type of state aid or public assistance. A blood test or cotton swab sample collected from inside the mouth is used to analyze DNA and genetic material. Our family law attorneys will prepare all necessary paperwork and initiate any hearing required to mandate compliance with the collection of DNA samples.

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