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Options for Resolving High Conflict Divorce Situations

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP June 14, 2019

While it may be ideal to end a relationship without conflict, the reality is that many if not most divorces and other breakups will inevitably involve some arguments between the spouses.

In fact, too often, the level of misunderstanding and miscommunication reaches its boiling point between the couple as they are separating. This happens for a number of reasons, ranging from mutual grudges to the fact that one of the spouses is addicted or his serious mental or personality disorders.

This does not change the reality that high conflict divorces, custody disputes, and the like can and often will affect the mental health of the children involved. In many cases, the scars left on children can be permanent and can, even in adulthood, make it harder for the children to realize their full potential.

Some may think that, in these sorts of cases, the best choice is to take the route of traditional litigation and hope for the best. However, other options, including mediation and collaborative divorce, are still available, even in high conflict situations.

For instance, in a collaborative divorce, in addition to attorneys, the couple are encouraged to rely on other outside professionals to help them resolve their issues.

This means that it would be perfectly acceptable for them to consult therapists and other professionals who may be able to help the couple improve communication and reduce conflict.

While it might be a challenge in many respects, collaborative divorce can still work in high conflict situations. A couple in the greater Milwaukee area who is interested in exploring this option can rely on Wisconsin family law attorneys who have experience in collaborative law.