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How Collaborative Divorce Helps Couples Through Their Divorce

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Aug. 9, 2019

Collaborative divorce is an important option for divorcing couples to consider to help them through their divorce process. Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution option that provides divorcing spouses with the opportunity to resolve their dispute in a lower stress, lower conflict, environment that can be more efficient for the divorcing couple.

Collaborative divorce differs from the tradition divorce process through the family law court that is a commonly adversarial process. The collaborative divorce process focuses on the divorcing spouses negotiating their differences and reaching agreements about their most important divorce-related concerns. The collaborative divorce process can help divorcing couples resolve concerns including property division, child support, child custody and spousal support or alimony. The couple also has representatives that agree to withdraw if the divorce goes to court.

The collaborative divorce process enlists the help of experts including financial advisers, counseling specialists and others to help the divorcing couple reach a divorce settlement agreement. The process can be less acrimonious and help the divorcing couple preserve a cordial relationship that can be particularly beneficial if the couple has children. The process can also help the couple resolve their divorce-related concerns more quickly and privately than a divorce that is litigated publicly and can also be less costly in the long run.

Collaborative divorce is an excellent divorce resource for couples who have made the decision to divorce to consider. It can not only help them through the divorce process but also help them with concerns that come up following their divorce including if they need to resolve any divorce modifications later on. As a result, it is a useful option to be familiar with.