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How Are Younger Americans Changing Divorce?

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP May 30, 2019

Every generation is different than the one before. It is just a fact of life that changing times result in changes in the approach individuals have in life. When it comes to marriage and divorce, older generations were seemingly more liberal in their approach to starting relationships and calling it quits. It seems the younger generation in America – so-called “millennials” – are taking a different approach.

A recent article noted that younger Americans are waiting longer before they decide to “take the plunge” and get married. This means that they are in long-term dating relationships for a longer amount of time, and that they are older than previous generations were when they get married. The result? The divorce rate in America seems to be on the decline.

In fact, marriage, in many cases, is becoming the “finale” of a long-term relationship, not the beginning. Couples are cohabitating before they get married – a social taboo in years past – and even making large financial commitments together before marriage, such as buying a home to live in together. Millennials may also be a bit more cautious, financially speaking, as the recent article noted that the younger generation is also spurring a spike in the number of prenuptial agreements that are signed prior to marriage.

Change is the only thing that stays the same, as the old saying goes. However, there are still many marriages that end in divorce and, as a result, there are still legal issues for couples to address, such as property division, child custody, and child support, among others. Knowing the options in divorce cases is crucial for Wisconsin residents who want to have a firm foundation upon which to build their post-divorce lives.