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Former Television Star in Unpaid Spousal Support Battle

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP June 14, 2018

When a Wisconsin couple chooses to go through a divorce, there are many different and important decisions that the partners will have to make. They may have to work out how the partners will share custody of their kids and how much they will pay in child support. They will have to split up their property and make difficult decisions about ownership and financial matters that they may have never thought they would have to do. And, some couples may have to work out terms related to the financial maintenance of one of the parties to the other after the marriage has ended.

Spousal maintenance is the payment of money from one person to another when the two parties were once married. Spousal maintenance is often awarded if one partner has a much higher earning potential than the other who is to receive support or if the recipient spouse made sacrifices regarding their own career to help the advancement of the others.

Hollywood actor John Schneider, best known for his role on “Dukes of Hazzard,” was obligated to pay his ex-wife spousal maintenance after they completed their divorce. However, it appears that Schneider stopped making payments to his ex, and she pursued legal remedies against him. When Schneider failed to provide her with more than $150,000 in unpaid support as directed by a court, Schneider was sentenced to jail for his delinquencies.

Readers of this post should recognize that financial obligations created pursuant to divorce are serious legal matters. Although Schneider claimed that he was financially unable to pay his ex because of his declining financial situation, he was still ordered to take action for his deficiencies. Individuals with spousal maintenance or other post-divorce issues may want to talk to their family law attorneys about their options.