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Collaborative Divorce Is an Option for Ending a Marriage

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP June 28, 2018

Television dramas like to play up the contentious nature of litigation and one area of legal practice that is often used to show the challenges of courtroom battles is divorce. Divorces are, by their nature, adversarial because they involve the legal breaking of marital bonds that were forged through the application for and receipt of marriage licenses. However, what Wisconsin residents may not know is that not every divorce has to be argumentative.

Collaborative divorce is an option for individuals who can work with their partners to close their relationships on their own terms. Individuals who opt to use collaborative processes to complete their divorces may retain more control over their marital dissolutions than individuals who defer all decision-making processes to the courts. They may also experience more satisfaction with the outcomes of their divorces if they directly participated in the steps completed to finish their divorce.

Pursuing collaborative divorce is not for everyone. Individuals who cannot find common ground with their prospective ex-partners may not be able to put aside their differences and work together for the common end of divorce. Also, those couples that experienced violence or harassment in their marriages may not find collaboration to benefit them if they cannot respect each other’s relative positions.

The law firm of D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP represents men and women who wish to use collaboration in the termination of their marital relationships. Individuals who begin the collaborative process may convert their divorces to the traditional litigation cases that most people are familiar with, but by electing to work with attorneys who understand both paths to divorce individuals can have options for how best to bring their marital relationships to an end.