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A Collaborative Divorce May Not Work for All Couples

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP March 11, 2020

The family law attorneys in our practice are big advocates of collaborative divorces. We have seen how this type of divorce brings many benefits to each spouse. It can reduce the anxiety associated with the end of a marriage and it can help couples resolve contentious disputes.

As responsible lawyers, we must also tell our neighbors here in Wisconsin that seeking a collaborative divorce may not work in all cases. For some couples, a traditional divorce litigated before the court remains the best option. The problem is that most people getting divorced do not know if they are good candidates for collaboration. In the interest of helping residents find the best solution, we want to share a few situations in which a collaborative divorce may not be the wisest choice.

  • When the truth remains elusive: Whether your spouse is hiding valuable assets or is trying to keep an extramarital affair secret, collaboration does not always bring out the truth. In turn, this puts the other spouse at a significant disadvantage.

  • When hostility runs rampant: Sometimes, even the most dedicated attempt to reach a divorce through collaboration may fail. In many cases, this happens because the two spouses cannot agree on much of anything, resulting in hostility or bullying. A litigated divorce may yield better results in these cases.

  • When failure is a real possibility: If your efforts to obtain a collaborative divorce fails, it means you will have to start over with a new attorney. As such, if you have valid concerns about the success of your collaboration efforts, litigation might be the wisest choice.

Please, consider reaching out for legal guidance if you are not certain which divorce option will meet your needs. You can also learn more by continuing to explore our website content.