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4 Ways to Make Co-Parenting with Your Ex Easier

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP
May 21, 2018

Parenting is already a challenging task at times. When you have a hostile ex to deal with, the responsibility of rearing your kids may seem downright impossible. Whether you are divorcing your children’s other parent or were never married, it is essential for you both to set aside your anger and animosity towards each for the sake of the kids.

Many Waukesha County couples who do not get along still maintain friendly relationships with each other, so they can continue to provide their children with the parental guidance they need. Here are a few pointers to help make co-parenting easier on your family.

1. Work out The Problems in Communication

Two people cannot possibly communicate effectively if one or both are not receptive to what is said and acted upon. Regardless of the child custody and visitation arrangement you and your ex have, you must work to become a united front for your kids. You and their other parent must learn to become empathetic listeners. Learn what communication style works best at keeping conflict down. Do not use the children as messengers.

2. Do Not Include the Kids in Disagreements

There will be times where you and the other parent do not see eye-to-eye on things. Any discussions that could potentially be unpleasant, inappropriate or cause further conflict between you and your former partner should be discussed out of view and earshot of the kids.

3. Be Thoughtful and Provide Updates

Take pictures and videos of your children when they are with you to share with the other parent. He or she will also appreciate updates about what is going on in your children’s lives, such as school conferences, extracurricular activities and other opportunities to participate. Your thoughtfulness can help to mend bridges and improve the parental relationship with your kids’ other guardian.

4. Roll with The Punches

Situations will arise when one of you might need to deviate from the parenting and visitation schedule. Life happens, and though you try your best to prepare for the unexpected, random circumstances that are beyond your control can and will occur. If the other parent cannot make it to a prearranged pick location or time, do not get angry. Try to put yourself in his or her shoes. Be cordial and flexible and work towards a peaceful resolution.

Co-parenting may have its challenging moments. However, it is only difficult as you and your ex-partner make it. By keeping your kids’ needs and feelings at the forefront of the matter and your personal feelings aside, you and their guardian can succeed at co-parenting.