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Relocations Attorneys in Waukesha, Wisconsin

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Child custody and physical placement decisions are determined at the time of divorce. However, at some point you or your ex-spouse may want to move to a new home within Wisconsin or outside the state, affecting your custody and/or physical placement arrangement. Depending upon the distance of the move or if you move out of state, you may need to adhere to formal relocation rules. Failure to do so could find you in contempt of your custody order. D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP have 30 years of combined family law experience. Our capable attorneys can evaluate your options to help you either relocate with your child or object to your ex-spouse’s proposed move.

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Are You Planning on Relocating?

If you are looking to move with your child to another state or 150 miles from the other parent, you must provide formal notice at least 60 days prior to your move. The notice will contain key details such as your new address, move date and inform the other parent of their right to object. Since relocation impacts physical placement of your children, they have 15 days to formally take action with the court. If they object, you will either be required to settle the matter through mediation, or the court will settle the dispute if you are unable to find a resolution on your own.

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How Does the Court Make a Decision?

As in all child custody and physical placement matters, the best interest of your child is the court’s foremost concern. After ensuring the child’s well-being, they will evaluate whether the relocation is reasonable and whether the new arrangement will unfairly disrupt the child’s access to and relationship with the other parent. Our skilled attorneys understand the nuances of the factors that play into the court’s decision-making process. We can strongly support your case in court and provide you with the best chances of a favorable resolution.

What Can I Do If I Receive a Relocation Notice?

If you receive a relocation notice that could interfere with your parent-child relationship, you need to act immediately. You have 15 days to formally object, or you may lose the ability to dispute the proposed move. We can help you demonstrate that the move is detrimental to your child and fight to uphold your custodial/parental rights.

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Child custody matters are some of the most emotionally charged matters during and after a divorce. Call our qualified legal team to protect your custodial rights and act as your trusted advocates. Call us to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation, or email us today.