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Child Custody & Placement Attorneys in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Understanding Expectations in Child Custody & Placement

When facing emotional family conflicts, such as the determination of child custody, physical placement and visitation rights, it is difficult to know where to turn for help. Families throughout southeastern Wisconsin have relied on D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP to help them through times of emotional hardship like divorce, child custody and placement disputes.

Our highly regarded law firm works hard to give you the personalized attention and advocacy you need. Call our Wisconsin placement and custody law firm in Waukesha to schedule a free initial consultation about your particular situation.

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Experienced in Child Custody

Our family law attorneys take the time to explain your rights and clearly define what to expect. Understanding the process can make the entire legal process less intimidating and more productive. We represent clients in family law disputes related to:

Joint Legal Custody

In Wisconsin, the law presumes it is in the best interests of the child for the parents to share decision-making authority. This is referred to as legal custody. When parents have joint or shared legal custody, both parents are involved in important decisions involving the child such as choice of school and religion, medical and treatment decisions, and other major decisions. Legal custody does not refer to the day-to-day decisions. If you are awarded placement, you are entitled to make the day-to-day decisions during your periods of placement in line with the joint custody decisions you have made with the other parent.

Physical Placement

Under Wisconsin laws, the determination of the time that a child spends with each parent is referred to as physical placement. One parent can be granted primary physical placement while the other parent is granted periods of placement, or the parties can be awarded shared placement of the child. Shared placement is determined based on the number of overnights that a child spends in each home. The placement schedules can vary greatly depending on many factors considered by the court. All child custody-related decisions are made according to the best interests of the child. Unless a court determines that periods of physical placement (visitation) with a parent would endanger the physical, mental or emotional health of the child, it is in the best interests of the child to have meaningful and consistent contact with both parents.

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D'Angelo & Grabow focuses on education, service and guidance. We strive to educate you about the process, your rights and your available options so that you can make informed decisions. We do our absolute best to represent, protect and advocate for you through the entire process.

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