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We Help You Fight for Your Rights as A Father

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Nov. 15, 2018

Becoming a parent can be both a wonderful and terrifying experience for a Waukesha resident. While few individuals feel ready to take on the incredible responsibilities that come with bringing a new life into the world, most parents have time to prepare themselves and their homes for the pending arrivals of their children. Couples who decide to start families together can work collaboratively to ready themselves for the massive changes that will occur when their babies are born.

However, as most people know, not every baby who comes into the world will have to parents who are committed to each other through a stable and healthy relationship. In some cases parents may choose to end their relationships before the babies are born or may have never intended to be connected to each other through the birth of a shared child. In these types of situations it can be hard for a prospective father to assert is role in the child’s life without first demonstrating his paternal connection to his offspring.

Paternity testing involves the comparison of a child’s DNA to the presumptive father’s DNA. If the samples match then there is a high probability that the child was fathered by the tested man. A demonstrated father may petition for custody and visitation rights with his child, and may play an active role in support the child as they grow.

The attorneys of the D'Angelo & Grabow Law Firm want to support the rights of fathers who are struggling to assert their paternal rights to their kids. The firm is ready to take on new paternity and fathers’ rights clients who are ready for more active and committed roles in the lives of their children.