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Study Finds More Women Are Happier than Men After Divorce

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP April 1, 2020

Divorce doesn’t always have to be ugly. In fact, some women end up being more satisfied than when they were married. In a recent survey, researchers examined more than 2000 divorced adults in the United Kingdom. The results showed that 35% of women felt less stressed after splitting from their partners. On the other hand, only 17% of men said they felt less stressed.

The media sometimes depicts women as helpless damsels in distress after divorce. But reality often tells a different story, as women reportedly instigate more than half of divorces. That may be because women tend to express more dissatisfaction about the marriage. And while many husbands show concern over their wife’s unhappiness, some may think the relationship is okay otherwise.

Signs of Marital Dissatisfaction

While some of these are occasionally normal in happy marriages, if they happen consistently, they could be warning signs that things are coming to an end:

  • One spouse starts fantasizing about a life without the other

  • One spouse feels minimal concern for the other’s problems

  • One or both spouses feel neglected

  • Everything one spouse does irritates the other

  • Spouses are continually arguing or not arguing at all

  • Both spouses realize they have different agendas and life goals

Divorce Doesn’t Always Lead to Unhappiness

Marriage can sometimes put unreasonable expectations on couples, especially if their goals and values change over time. But just because a marriage fails doesn’t mean either spouse failed. In many cases, divorce can provide a variety of opportunities for men and women to find themselves and carve out a new path to happiness.