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Sharing a Home to Provide Kids with Post-Divorce Stability

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Nov. 29, 2018

Helping children transition out of a single home and into the shuffling existence of a shared custody arrangement can be tough on both parents and kids. While some Wisconsin families opt to allow kids to spend most of their time in the custody of one parent to minimize the disruptions to their lives, in some situations it is not possible for parents to work out schedules that do not impose burdens on their kids. When this happens, parents and kids may find themselves in an endless trip back and forth between two different homes.

People can get creative when it comes to child custody matters, and one trend that is growing in popularity across the country is nesting. Also called birdnesting, this practice flips the traditional custodial arrangement of kids moving from house to house to see their parents to the kids staying only in their family home. When a parent has their turn to have custody of their kids, they move into the home to stay with them. When it is not their turn, they stay at a second residence to allow the other parent have their turn.

Nesting cuts down on travel disruptions for kids but some do not believe that it is sustainable. Most parents may not want to exist in two different spaces as they build their post-divorce lives and the practice may even be confusing for some children.

Whether nesting may work for a family will depend on them and their needs. It is one option in many that may serve the interests of children subject to a custody agreement. Attorneys who work with family law clients can help moms and dads can evaluate their options to develop sound plans for the care of their kids.