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Navigating Your Way Through a Divorce in Wisconsin

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP May 16, 2019

Although the common refrain is that about half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, no one starts off a relationship thinking that way. Marriages can become frayed in a number of ways, and each case is different. However, when you realize that your marriage is likely going to end in a divorce, you will probably start to wonder how to get through the legal process.

At our law firm, we know that no two divorce cases are the same. Sure, many of the same issues will need to be addressed in most divorces, such as property division, child support, alimony, and child custody, for example, but the solution in one case may look different than in another case. Depending on the relationship between the two soon-to-be ex-spouses, there may be different options to get through the divorce process.

For some people, it may be possible to negotiate the terms of the divorce through negotiations between the parties and their attorneys. By doing so, these individuals may be able to work through their issues to “settle” the case. For others, more assistance may be needed, like the kind you might find in the collaborative divorce process. Here, the parties work together and with various professionals to work through their issues and reach a resolution that can be ratified by a court.

Unfortunately, there are still many divorce cases that require litigation. If that is what is necessary to protect your rights, then you need to be armed with strong legal arguments that are supported by the facts and the law. Those arguments need to be persuasively presented, and the other side’s arguments need to be diminished as much as possible. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Wisconsin residents get through their divorce cases, including through litigation, please visit our website.