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Musician and Wife to End Long-Term Marriage

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Feb. 21, 2019

Several weeks ago Wisconsin residents may have stayed up late to watch their favorite musical performers on the Grammys. Whether or not their preferred entertainers took home trophies, they likely marveled at the array of talent and character put on display during the event. It can be hard to remember that celebrities like those who attended the spectacle live normal lives and face problems that are common to regular people.

For example, musical artist Beck recently filed for divorce from his wife. The couple had been together for about a decade and a half and share two minor children. Despite the fact that he won two Grammys at the recent awards show, Beck will now be thrown into the difficult spot of settling many issues related to ending a marriage.

Like Wisconsin residents who go through divorces, Beck and his wife will have to decide how they should divide up their shared property. With regard to their children, they will have to establish a custody plan that serves those kids’ best interests as well as the expectations of the parents. Matters of support for both the children and a spouse may have to be established, too. All of these topics are important but do not begin to address the emotional upheaval that divorce imposes on a family when it begins.

Life can be hard for anyone, regardless of their level of fame or chosen profession. When divorce becomes a reality in the life of a Waukesha resident they must prepare themselves to make difficult legal, financial, and emotional choices. They may find it easier to approach the process with the support and knowledge of a trusted family law attorney.