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Making Changes to A Child Custody Plan

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Jan. 9, 2019

When a Wisconsin couple finalizes its divorce, the parties will be issued a divorce decree from the court. This decree will set forth all of the decisions that have been finalized regarding the marriage dissolution and can, depending upon the needs of the parties, cover property settlements, support payments, and child custody. While some these decrees withstand the test of time and never need to be changed, others require modifications to ensure that the parties and their kids are provided with what they need.

When it comes to modifying a child custody order or plan, courts will generally look at what the parties want to do and how those changes will affect the best interests of the kids who are subject to the outcomes. Different families will have different needs, and as such it is important that individuals get case-specific advice on how to address their needs for post-divorce child custody decisions.

For example, if a child is not thriving in the home of their custodial parent and the parents want to move that child to the other parent’s home, a court may investigate why the child is struggling and how the move may improve their situation. If a parent has to move for work and would like permission to take their child with them, then the court may be needed to address a new custody plan to protect the other parent’s rights.

It is not uncommon to need to change custody plans after they have been executed, but doing so can be complicated. A legal advocate can help a parent fight for their child’s best interests as they seek to change a custodial plan that governs their living arrangements.