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How You Can Benefit from Mediation

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Feb. 23, 2019

Though some people may desire to be together, it is better that they be apart. For those who are married, divorce proceedings can be a complex aspect of that separation process.

When the parties are on good or decent terms, mediation may be a viable option. There can be certain benefits to utilizing this divorce method.


A divorce through court proceedings produces court documents that become public record. A mediated divorce is a closed-door proceeding. This helps to create privacy for the parties personally, as well as their estates. A mediator facilitates the process but does not make any decisions for the two individuals. This allows the divorcing parties to maintain control of their divorce and not have a third party evaluating the situation and making a determination that may not be favorable to both parties.


There is a fee for mediation; however, it is usually not even close to the cost of a divorce in court. Depending upon the needs of the parties, it may be possible to complete the mediation within a few sessions, with one mediator. Even in cases where the parties decide to have separate attorneys assist with the mediation, the parties are still able to save money.


Along with cutting costs and maintaining privacy, a mediated divorce tends to be a quicker process than a court divorce. The parties are able to coordinate the mediations on their schedules and do not have to wait for a judge to hear and review their circumstances. Rather, the parties work together to come to an agreement about the different aspects of their divorce. Mediation usually makes the divorce process more amicable, which may aid in future interactions, especially for those divorcees who share children.

These are just a few of the main benefits that divorcing parties may experience in utilizing this divorce method. Consider how mediation may benefit your situation.