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Factors that Are Considered in Determining Child Support Awards

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Oct. 23, 2018

In Wisconsin the courts apply certain guidelines to child support determinations. For example, if a Waukesha parent does not have physical custody and shares two children with their ex then that parent may have to pay 25 percent of their income for the financial support of their kids. When computing their income the courts can look to many sources including but not limited to their wages, salaries, benefits from workers’ compensation, military service and others, retirement accounts and investment tools.

However, not all cases follow the straight percentages set forth in the guidelines. Certain factors may force courts to deviate from the standard awards the guidelines suggest and those factors can concern either the parents who will pay support or the children who will receive it.

If a parent earns a very high salary and their income is very large then they may be asked to pay more child support than the straight percentage dictated in the guidelines. This may be needed to provide the child with everything they are used to and to keep the application of support fair between the parents.

Also, if a child’s parents both have physical custody of them then a parent may pay less child support since they are directly caring for their child at least some of the time. A parent with custody must provide for their kids and may have to pay child support for when their child is out of their home.

Speaking to a family law attorney is the best way for a person to understand how their custodial and support obligations may be set in their divorce. All cases find unique legal resolutions and it is therefore not possible for this blog post to offer any legal advice or guidance.