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Divorcing Late in Life? Get the Right Support for Your Case

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Aug. 3, 2020

You’re getting older, and you’ve been happy with your life so far. Unfortunately, as you and your spouse have aged, you’ve grown apart. You’d love it if you could be happy together, but after marriage counseling and other steps, you’ve realized that it’s unlikely that anything will change.

You don’t feel comfortable remaining in your marriage, so you’ve considered filing for a divorce. At this stage in your life, it’s a little bit more complicated than if you were divorcing after only a year or two of marriage. With 30 years or more of marriage behind you, you’re not sure what the outcome of this case may look like.

A late-life divorce can be tricky, but it is manageable

Getting divorced later in life can be tricky, but it’s also possible to manage it effectively. Your attorney can help you by walking you through the divorce step by step.

There are special considerations for those over the age of 50, such as how you want to divide your retirement benefits or pensions, establishing spousal maintenance or splitting your significant marital assets. You will want to continue to plan for retirement and know how your decisions now could affect you moving forward.

One thing you may be interested in doing is having a collaborative divorce, so you and your spouse can work together on an outcome that benefits both of you. Collaborative divorce is a good option for those who can work together without conflicts or those who would like to resolve their divorce amicably.

Our website has more information on late-life divorces and what you should know. This may be new territory for you, but there is help available. Visit our website here to learn more.