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Is legal separation an option in Wisconsin?

As is the case in many other states, residents of Wisconsin have the option to pursue what is called "legal separation" instead of a divorce. The most important difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that, legally speaking, the couple remains married and is thus not free to marry another person.

How are younger Americans changing divorce?

Every generation is different than the one before. It is just a fact of life that changing times result in changes in the approach individuals have in life. When it comes to marriage and divorce, older generations were seemingly more liberal in their approach to starting relationships and calling it quits. It seems the younger generation in America - so-called "millennials" - are taking a different approach.

Navigating your way through a divorce in Wisconsin

Although the common refrain is that about half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, no one starts off a relationship thinking that way. Marriages can become frayed in a number of ways, and each case is different. However, when you realize that your marriage is likely going to end in a divorce, you will probably start to wonder how to get through the legal process.

Musician and wife to end long-term marriage

Several weeks ago Wisconsin residents may have stayed up late to watch their favorite musical performers on the Grammys. Whether or not their preferred entertainers took home trophies, they likely marveled at the array of talent and character put on display during the event. It can be hard to remember that celebrities like those who attended the spectacle live normal lives and face problems that are common to regular people.

Understand the different paths available for divorce

The word "divorce" can invoke negative feelings and fear even in Wisconsin residents who have never had to go through the process. That is because most people think of divorce as a confrontational and hostile process that pits former partners against each other in an antagonistic legal spectacle. While some divorces unfortunately follow this hostile path, readers should be aware that not every divorce must be difficult.

Former television star in unpaid spousal support battle

When a Wisconsin couple chooses to go through a divorce, there are many different and important decisions that the partners will have to make. They may have to work out how the partners will share custody of their kids and how much they will pay in child support. They will have to split up their property and make difficult decisions about ownership and financial matters that they may have never thought they would have to do. And, some couples may have to work out terms related to the financial maintenance of one of the parties to the other after the marriage has ended.

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