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Divorce Is Not Just a Young Person’s Problem

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP Sept. 6, 2018

Practically everyone has heard that one-half of all American marriages end in divorce. This often used but rarely substantiated statistic is often the subject of debate among Wisconsin residents, and though its absolute truth may be in question its representation about the long-term status of marriage is spot on: divorce is common among Americans.

It is not just young people who are seeking to end their marriages. Men and women who are well into their careers and who have children that have grown up and left their homes are also active in the divorce courts as they work to end their legal relationships. While older divorcees do not have to contend with child custody and support matters as often as their younger counterparts they do have their own difficulties to overcome.

Late-life divorcees must carefully weigh their financial needs as they separate their property and assets from those their spouses will retain. They may see their retirement investments dwindle as they pull apart the savings that they worked so hard to build. They may find that they have to continue to work or go back to work so that they are able to financially care for themselves once they lose access to the support of their spouses.

Divorce can be tough on a person of any age but it is not appropriate to think that it is only a problem for relatively young individuals. Late-life divorcees, also called grey divorcees, deserve support and representation from attorneys who recognize their needs. D'Angelo & Grabow are ready to help their late-life divorce clients protect their happiness and their futures.