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Collaborative Divorce Offers Individuals Control and Support

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP March 21, 2019

When a Wisconsin resident is in the thick of a divorce, it can be hard to see the happy ending that awaits them when they are out of their relationship. They may worry about their children and how they will cope with the changes that are happening in their family. They may experience stress about money and how they will pay for their new lifestyle without the support of their ex’s income.

Divorce itself can be hard on a person, especially when it involves contention, hostility, and anger. Though differences and arguments sometimes cannot be avoided in divorces, some couples are able to put their problems with each other aside so that they can work together on finding common ground in their marriage dissolution. When couples embrace a positive, end-focused approach to divorce, they may benefit from engaging in collaboration to bring their marriage to its end.

Collaborative divorce takes place outside of a courtroom. It involves the use of individual attorneys who can provide their clients with guidance on how to protect their rights and resolve their differences with their exes. It focuses on finding party-driven solutions to unique divorce problems so that the individuals subject to the divorce exercise more control over their futures and have more satisfaction with their outcomes.

Not all attorneys who practice family law and divorce law offer services in the field of collaborative divorce. When a person is planning to end their marriage, it can be of benefit to them to discuss all of their divorce options, including collaboration, with a legal professional who offers a range of divorce services. Collaborative divorce is not for everyone but may benefit those who wish to preserve the peace as they end their marital relationships.