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A Review of Child Custody Matters for Wisconsin Families

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP June 27, 2018

A divorce is difficult for the parties who end their marriage but it can also be incredibly tough on their kids. Even when their parents are willing to work together to make the transition as easy as possible, kids can experience stress over the breakdown of their families. This post will address some important child custody topics for Wisconsin families and what they can do to help their kids with the many issues that come with divorce.

First, as in other jurisdictions there are two main forms of custody that may affect Wisconsin parents and kids. The first is physical custody and it covers where a child will live after their parents end their marriage. Parents can share physical custody of their child or one parent may be awarded sole physical custody.

Legal custody is also an important divorce-related custody matter. A parent does not have to have physical custody of their child in order to retain legal custody, which concerns the parent’s ability to stay involved in making decisions about how their child is brought up. Legal custody may also be shared between parents.

Child custody decisions in Wisconsin revolve around the best interests of the kids who will be affected by the courts’ decisions. Different children will have different needs and therefore it is impossible to say that one family’s custody plan will directly match that of another. All custody cases should be reviewed on their own facts.

Working through child custody issues can be tough on parents and kids. With the help of family law attorneys the process of arriving at effective child custody schemes is possible.