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3 Status Updates to Avoid During Divorce

D'Angelo & Grabow, LLP March 27, 2020

Many couples document their every move on social media. Lavish status updates and photo filters can make any modern marriage seem like a flawless fantasy tale.

However, if that same couple decides to divorce, they should watch what they post online. Anything either spouses make public could get held against them in court.

As more people are on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than ever before, spouses and their attorneys are using social media to make one another look bad in front of a judge by the things they put online.

Staying Away from Certain Statuses

These are a few topics they should avoid making statuses about:

  • Job promotions: Most people don’t want to spend more money on their ex. If that’s the case, they should avoid bragging about a job promotion or compensation bonus on social media. Doing so may give a judge reason to believe that they can afford alimony or child support payments, even if they can’t.

  • Partying: Divorce can cause people to stress out, making them want to blow off steam. However, posting pictures about a night on the town may not be a good idea. Status updates or photos with alcohol in them can be valuable evidence for an ex, which they could use to claim that their spouse isn’t capable of caring for the kids.

  • Badmouthing one’s spouse: People should avoid doing this at all costs. In some cases, a judge may find these actions to be unreasonable, which could result in them getting fewer assets than they originally planned.

Taking a Digital Hiatus

Divorce can be contentious, and in the digital age, such conflicts can lead to undesirable outcomes. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid posts or status updates of any kind until it’s over. While it may be tempting for some, logging out could save their reputation in the long run.